The story of Perlège

Perlège: a desire to associate the good taste of chocolate with the notion of “no sugar” added.

The brand saw the day in the late 80’s and grew out of a deep desire to innovate on the chocolate market with an exceptional recipe that would make people with diabetes and other sugar related conditions, forget, that they cannot consume regular chocolate.

In the beginning the sugar was replaced by maltitol which has a laxative effect, it was therefore necessary to be careful not to consume too much. Today, we have combined stevia and maltitol in an exceptionally good recipe. Our dark chocolate contains 85% cocoa and our milk chocolate 57%.

The sugar-free market is booming but it is still difficult to find a balanced chocolate with the real good taste of chocolate yet without the sugar.

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Our Production

Choc And Co is IFS and HACCP certified . Perlège chocolates are produced separately from our regular chocolate.

A beautifully balanced chocolate which can please any chocolate lover who wants more.

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